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Celebrate the Pelvic Floor

This course and community has been designed for all of us women in mind. We all have a pelvic floor and need to know what to do keep her happy and healthy! Celebrate the Pelvic Floor is here to heighten our awareness by bringing this topic into the light. Through compassion, we’ll gain confidence. Through relaxation, we’ll gain strength. And through celebration, we’ll gain a new understanding of the body’s beauty and resilience.

This course is for YOU if you're a woman who seeks more joy and positivity in your daily life through physical and emotional stability in the core and pelvic floor. The techniques in this course have been proven effective in alleviating symptoms related to leakage, trauma, shame, pelvic pain, back pain, tightness, weakness, core instability, scarring, and painful sex and orgasm.


We aim to be a global community of women supporting women with the intention of bringing the issues surrounding pelvic floor health into more of a main stream level of awareness.


We offer online education and live events to promote understanding of pelvic floor health and to encourage more candid conversation and effective treatment through the sharing of stories, practices, techniques, and professional resources.

About Me

Julie Blamphin, CPF Founder

My first teaching experience, when I was 12 years old, was coaching 4-8 yr old children with special needs. My mother owned a school of gymnastics and that's where my life's work began. 

Many years later, my role as a pelvic floor advocate actually began with her. In 2003, Momma was diagnosed with a pelvic floor dysfunction. (See the video below.) What then followed was more experience, education, and awareness. A year after receiving my yoga certification in 2010, a student of mine tells me she feels like she's 'falling apart'. She'd recently lost her husband and now felt her body was manifesting the heaviness of her grief. The diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse confirmed it. She's one of the many to practice pelvic floor stability with me through yoga, laughter, and fascia release. Along the way, I've been continuing my education to hone this focus through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Pelvic Floor Yoga with Leslie Howard, Transcendental Meditation, Laughter Yoga, and The MELT Method with Sue Hitzmann. Celebrate the Pelvic Floor was founded in the hopes of sharing all this knowledge far and wide. There are too many women suffering in silence! Let's take this topic away from taboo. It's about time.

Please watch my video message below for more of the inside scoop on why I cultivated this passion for women's pelvic floor wellness.

Watch Intro Video

A Message from Julie



I have been practicing CPF Yoga with Julie for only a few months, but I have been very impressed with her knowledge of pelvic floor dysfunction. Julie is passionate about alerting us to an issue I never considered could be causing my complaints of bladder symptoms and chronic pain. Who knew that healthy pelvic floor muscle function is directly related to the way you breathe? Practicing with Julie and then adopting diaphragmatic breathing, supportive yoga poses and pelvic floor relaxation techniques have enhanced my lifestyle. Thank you, Julie!



Celebrate the pelvic floor!!! I honestly want to shout this! Since working with Julie in understanding what CPF means, I’m learning to listen to what my body feels and needs. Through CPF breathing, poses and enlightenment, I’m feeling empowered, peaceful and free. I’m releasing shame, worry and self-doubt while also embracing my unique and divine self! We need to not only talk about our pelvic floor, but indeed CELEBRATE IT!



I have noticed that my previous issues I had with hip flexors seems to be gone. I have also noticed my hamstring issues have improved. It’s been very interesting to realize that my alignment may have been causing problems and having that pointed out and awareness has helped me improve my pain issues.



My CPF practices have been so enlightening. I've always said I have the bladder the size of a peanut! I would constantly worry about if I'd be able to find a bathroom when I was out of the house. But now, I'm able to recognize that many of my urges were about my pelvic floor tone and not my bladder.